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FMEA Consulting Services

Many of the same companies that
offer training materials and classes
also provide a wide range of FMEA
and FMECA consulting services.

This might include some initial
training and help to get started, then
your staff takes it from there and
completes the analysis. The
consulting company may still be
available to answer some follow-on
questions or to do some hand
holding along the way, and maybe
even act as the facilitator for the
FMEA project.
fmea fmeca
FMEA Consulting Services
Some companies include as part of the training class an extra day or two to act as a
workshop for doing some of this initial hand holding, where they can work with the students
and use actual project data. This can be beneficial in a number of ways, as 1) it is
something the students are familiar with instead of made up examples, and 2) real work is
being done and some of the initial groundwork is laid for the analysis. Getting off to a good
start like this can go a long way in helping the overall project be successful.

In many cases the client company may not have the people or resources on staff with the
knowledge and expertise to perform the FMECA. In this case the consultant may be hired
to actually perform the analysis. The client company would provide the consulting firm with
design documents and access to talk with their designers or product experts in order to
gather the required information. This may involve a number of on-site meetings or
communication back and forth via phone, email, or the use of collaborative tools like
Webex or GoToMeeting to share and discuss design data, and relay any concerns or

In this scenario, in order to get good results, it is vital that the client company views the
FMEA as important and allows it to be design/process impacting as it is intended, and not
just an exercise to check off a box to meet customer requirements.

Obviously, the consulting costs will vary depending on the amount of services that are
rendered. FMEA's can be time consuming and expensive, but so too can product recalls
because of design flaws or safety issues. When performed properly, the FMEA, can be
highly effective at identifying problems early on, so that they can be corrected, or at least
FMEA consultant

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