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Mil-Std-1629A uses criticality numbers
to help identify which failure modes
and items are most critical in your
design or process.

Failure Mode Criticality (Cm) is the
portion of the criticality number for an
item, due to one of its failure modes,
which results in a particular severity
classification (e.g. results in an end
effect with severity I, II, etc...).

It is calculated by using the following

FMECA Criticality Numbers

Item Criticality (Cr) is the criticality number associated with the item under analysis. For a
mission phase, Cr is the sum of an item’s failure mode criticality numbers, Cm, which
result in the same end effect severity classification.

It is calculated by using the following formula within a particular severity level:
For more information on criticality analysis and FMECA criticality numbers, visit our FMECA
Examples page to download a presentation on this topic.
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