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FMEA and FMECA Information

Spend a few minutes touring the site to learn more about the different types (Concept,
Design, and Process), along with many of the benefits of performing a Failure Mode and
Effects Analysis.
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NASA space shuttle
fmea fmeca
Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) or FMECA
is a systematic analysis approach, which facilitates the
identification of potential problems in a design or process
by examining the effects of lower level failure modes. As a
result of the analysis, recommended actions are made to  
eliminate or reduce failures. Also, compensating provisions
like adding redundancy for critical systems may be
proposed to mitigate risk, if in fact, the failure does occur.

Over the years this valuable analysis technique has been
used effectively in the space program and in many other
industries. Today, it is a recommended best practice and
an integral part of most any successful quality program. If
you are interested in learning more about FMEA, then this
site will provide you with not only a good introduction to
both FMEA and FMECA, but it will arm you with many
valuable resources.
What is a FMEA?
Learn what a FMEA is and some
of the lingo, along with some
good background and history
on FMECA.  

FMEA Topics and Resources

How to Perform a FMEA?
Covers the FMEA methodology
and  includes a nice infographic
to help you visualize the
what is fmea or fmeca
schematic drawing for fmea
fmeca benefits
Key Benefits of FMECA
Many companies are already
reaping the benefits. Use
FMECA to ensure safety,
quality, and safeguard your
fmea types
Types of FMEA
Learn about the different types
and approaches to FMEA.
fmea software
FMEA Software and Tools
Don't skimp when it comes to
FMEA software. Consider the
long term costs and invest
fmea examples and standards
FMEA Examples, Standards
Quickly come up to speed with
this large selection of examples,
templates, presentations and
fmea rpn
Risk Priority Number(RPN)
Used heavily in many industries
to assess risk. Learn how to
properly use it and avoid the
fmeca criticality analysis
Criticality Analysis
Mil-Std-1629A approach for
determining the criticality of
failure effects.
Design FMEAs
Learn how to apply FMEA to
evaluate your design and
identify potential flaws or safety
Process FMEAs
FMEA can also be used to
analyze a process, such as
manufacturing, assembly or
hospital patient care.
Functional FMEAs
Especially on large systems, a
functional approach can save
time and money with good
Best Place for FMEA
Find out the best place to focus
your limited time and resources.
design fmea is common in aerospace industry
fmea for loading process

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